Our Experience

YUNI Environmental has been involved in the development of provincial guidelines and best management practices for wildlife habitat features, silvicultural practices and habitat recruitment objectives.

We have contributed to the development and implementation of some of BC Ministry of the Environment’s primary species conservation initiatives including the Cumulative Effects Framework, Identified Wildlife Management Strategy, Regionally Important Wildlife Strategy and the Conservation Framework.

What We Do

  • Consult with industry partners to identify a pragmatic and collaborative approach to achieve agency conservation goals and initiatives.
  • Investigate, collate and compare other jurisdictional conservation policies to determine appropriate policy options for client agencies.

  • Develop and produce provincial and federal species-at-risk status assessments and species conservation accounts.

  • Collaborate with provincial stakeholders to identify Valued Environmental Components (VECs) for large provincial infrastructure projects.

  • Design and develop provincial species-habitat models and mapping to guide provincial management strategies for species-at-risk.

  • Facilitate multi-discipline and stakeholder workshops to successfully build compromise from a variety of diverging points of view.

  • Design and implement public information strategies on new government agencies initiatives.