Our Experience

YUNI Environmental provides forestry management services by conducting wildlife and species-at-risk surveys, habitat assessments, GIS mapping, cutblock design and rehabilitation options.

We conduct wildlife/danger tree assessments and complete retention options for improving forest stewardship plans and cutblock layout designs.

YUNI Environmental believes that through proper planning and management that profitable and sustainable forestry solutions can be achieved.

What We Do

  • Complete species-at-risk surveys and inventories and provide management recommendations for identified features.
  • Conduct remote sensing and utilize camera traps to provide cost-effective solutions for addressing wide ranging wildlife species.

  • Apply GIS mapping and satellite imagery to improve the accuracy of environmental assessments and analyses.

  • Develop rehabilitation programs to restore vegetation and habitat features to deforested areas.

  • Devise, implement and monitor proposed cutblock wildlife tree patch designs and retention plans.

  • Train forestry workers in wildlife/danger tree assessments and retention plans that incorporate wildlife values. 

  • Review and improve forest stewardship plans to meet client sustainability and certification goals.

  • Undertake multi-stakeholder assessments and socioeconomic studies of cutting plans and permits.