YUNI Environmental  Consulting

Exceeding Expections


Celebrating 20 Years of Exceeding Client Needs

  • Design, develop and implement wildlife baseline studies through field surveys, radio-tagging, remote sensing, camera traps and DNA sampling and analysis.




Wildlife Surveys and Monitoring

What We Do:




  • Complete habitat assessments and impact analyses for species-at-risk wildlife species.


  • Produce GIS-based species habitat modeling and mapping to guide project infrastructure siting.



  • Provide mitigation options to minimize project resource development impacts on identified wildlife and their habitats.






  • Conduct right-of-way pre-clearing bird nest surveys in compliance with CWS regulations.


  • Conduct nocturnal Marbled Murrelet, bat and songbird migration radar surveys to determine any project wildlife impacts.


  • Conduct Northern Goshawk call playback surveys, nesting and foraging habitat assessments, and retention strategies around known nest sites.


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Providing environmental services throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.