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First Nations Consultations


We believe that First Nations possess a unique and legitimate knowledge of the land, water and natural environment that has been passed down since time immemorial. By gathering and incorporating this knowledge into the initial phases of a project, we believe that a better, more sustainable and equitable project can be achieved. For this reason, YUNI aspires to meaningfully consult with First Nations, value and incorporate their knowledge into project goals, and respectfully and equitably negotiate the sharing of project benefits.

What We Do:

  • Meet with, listen to, and understand the concerns or desires of elders, band members and Tribal Council representatives.


  • Design, manage and implement traditional knowledge studies.


  • Assess language needs and manage project translation program.






  • Produce GIS-based traditional knowledge maps, tribal resources databases and impact statements.


  • Discuss, negotiate and achieve equitable Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBAs).


  • Facilitate or restore open, honest and respectful dialogue between First Nations and project partners.


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